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Programming Test 1: Fizz Buzz

Hopefully I’ve not misinterpreted the challenge here. Count to 100, if the number is divisible by three, output Fizz, if divisible by five, output Buzz. If its Divisible by 5 and 3, FizzBuzz!

Powershell Script to Email a Disk Usage Report

I use a couple of different technologies to store large quantites of data on my “server” at home, namely Storage Pools combined with Data Deduplication on Windows Server 2012 R2. Up to a couple of weeks ago it was working great but I’ve started to notice oddities which couldn’t really be explained… So I decided… Read More »

Setting up Powershell Remoting (Server 2012 R2)….

….bit of an experiment this one. I wanted to set up a Windows Server 2012 R2 instance, not hooked up to Active Directory (so just in a workgroup), with a self signed certificate (mainly because I couldn’t be bothered to setup a full certificate chain).

FQDN of a Windows Server in Batch / CMD scripting….

Quick one for you (and there’s probably easier ways of doing this)…only took ten minutes to work it out tho. I needed to get the Fully Qualified Domain Name of a computer on the network into an environment variable in a batch script. Here’s the code snippet: @ECHO OFF FOR /f “tokens=2,* delims= ” %%a… Read More »