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Virtualbox, El Capitan and BootCamping Windows 10

Unfortunately so far, the method I used to use virtualbox to start a Windows Bootcamp Guest at doesn’t work. The main sticking point seems to be attaching the EFI partition to the vmdk file. Any ideas anyone….still trying.

Experiments with C# on a Mac.

Noticing a pattern here….? So task for tonight was to try and run a simple C# app on the Mac and since Microsoft Build ’15, they’ve announced a number of things to help people with any OS use MS tools.

Windows 8 / Macbook 2009 Lion mouse trackpad reversal

If you’ve got used to Mac OS X Lions reversal of the trackpad and you’ve just installed Windows 8 on your macbook, scrolling becomes a bit confusing. Simple fix. Open up a regedit (WinKey-R / cmdKey-R) Do a search for FlipFlopHScroll or FlipFlopWheel, change both values to a 1 instead of a 0 and reboot.… Read More »

Win 8, Day 1 – Where’s everything gone…

Starting up Windows 8 for the first time was not so much a shock, as I’ve seen the user interface on the Xbox and friends phones. It was more of a departure though, than I was expecting. As a long term advanced user if Windows, you do expect certain things to be in certain places… Read More »

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