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Nano Server.

I’ve been attempting for days to get a VHD of Nano Server (Windows 2016 TP3) up and running from the instructions on Microsoft and on the Microsoft Virtual Academy. I’ve been having issues with the new-nanoserverimage.ps1 just quitting and not giving any error text back. I knew it wasn’t working as the image wasn’t getting… Read More »

Virtualbox, El Capitan and BootCamping Windows 10

Unfortunately so far, the method I used to use virtualbox to start a Windows Bootcamp Guest at doesn’t work. The main sticking point seems to be attaching the EFI partition to the vmdk file. Any ideas anyone….still trying.

Messing about with Ubuntu 11.10 under VMware

I like to mess about with other OSes in my spare time and have recently downloaded the latest Ubuntu release. I’ve been a fan of Ubuntu since about v4, this time around they’ve changed the interface and I was a bit lost… I use VMware Server 2 at home on my Windows 7 “server” as… Read More »