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Raspberry Pi Adventures

I gave my son a Raspberry PI this year for Christmas to see if he could make it do anything. First a couple of notes. Sometimes the HDMI output can not be plugged into a DVI convertor on older monitors. I’ve so far connected it to four seperate screens (two fairly new TVs with HDMIs),… Read More »

Silent Install of Oracle 11g R2

When I first started this site, the first article I wrote about was installing Oracle Client drivers on to Windows 2003. Nearly four years on, I got my hands on the latest version of Oracle with the latest version of Windows….

Logmein and Windows 7

I’ve been doing a lot of investigation and trying out of things on the Betas of Windows 7, and not since XP have I seen a rock solid product from Microsoft. The problem with being on the forefront of technology however is that some software doesn’t always work without a bit of digging. (This is… Read More »

Ever needed your Windows Install Key….

Picture the situation, you’re about to kick of a rebuild of you’re PC, but the Microsoft Genuine Certificate has been rubbed off on the back of your computer. How do you find that key the enables you to re-install Windows. An easy piece of software which I’ve used for many years comes to the rescue…Keyfinder… Read More »

Oracle OUI silent install/deinstalls

I’ve been working on this all week and I finally made a breakthrough for this today. The task at hand was to automate the install of the Oracle Data Access Components for OLE DB for 10g. At my work we prefer to script everything so if anyone gets knocked down by a bus, someone else… Read More »