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The Waffle, new episode is out!

Tonight James and Adrian discuss cyberattacks, Microsoft, Apple iPhones, Nintendos attendance at E3. We also look at Bitcoin, SpaceX and Wires.. Enjoy! Don’t forget to subscribe here….

GuidAPI Part 1. First we need an App.

We’re going to make a simple .NET web application that can issue something called a Guid back to a user (or client) that asked for it, by hitting a specific web page. Things we’ll need: Visual Studio Community edition. I’m using Visual Studio 2015, the latest and greatest will work too. Optional: IIS on your… Read More »

GuidAPI attempt 2. Introduction.

Last time I tried this I just wanted to setup an API that issued Guids (it was a simple bit of code that would do something), and wanted to show how you would go about setting that up on Azure. Needless to say I didn’t get that far. This time, I’m going to take a… Read More »

Hyper-V (Windows 10) DHCP madness

I wanted to launch a couple of VMs on my test box with one server acting as a DHCP server to another on an “internal” defined network. Its taken me a couple of days to figure out why this was happening and I’ve installed Windows/Linux, turned firewalls on and off and messed with many Hyper-V… Read More »