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Troubleshooting a Broadband connection

I’ve been having a few issues with my broadband since the weekend…thought it might be good to share what troubleshooting I did with one of the other forum members at my ISP: Most of the information in there is not Sky specific. Thanks to Snadge+100 for the help

Problems with users holding open Remote Desktop Sessions…?

We have a problem at work when people are remotely adminstering Windows servers with Remote Desktop technology (aka Terminal Services). Instead of logging off, they can leave sessions open but just disconnected. So how do we get round this? (Windows Servers have a connection limit of two users, unless its a properly configured Terminal Server).

How do I make my server visible on the ‘net?

So you’ve created your new all encompassing server, but you’re not sure how to be able to let it loose on the internet. This article is for you. I’m assuming that you’ve setup any router port forwarding, opened up network ports and have a proper listening server (e.g. a web server) listening on the other… Read More »