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Using a DevOps Mindset to deploy Infra at Pace in Azure #3 – Constructing More Complex Designs Using the Building Blocks.

Using the principles we’ve used in earlier articles we’re now going to build on the foundations we’ve codified. We’ll use the simple lego blocks we developed in part 1 to make something much more complicated using nested ARM templates. First lets reaquaint ourselves with our repos…. The main repo we have is this one:… Read More »

Setting up (pt 1).

This article is the beginning of a series which is an attempt to describe how to setup a simple webapi service on the internet using Azure as the host. We’ll do some normal hosting setup, grab an Azure App Service container , do some coding in Visual Studio and then upload to Azure and run… Read More »

Adventures in Azure

….this is just to show I’m not biased 😉 Here’s the equivalent process I dug out to launch a windows server VM on Azure using a command line on a Mac.