GuidAPI Part 1. First we need an App.

We’re going to make a simple .NET web application that can issue something called a Guid back to a user (or client) that asked for it, by hitting a specific web page. Things we’ll need: Visual Studio Community edition. I’m using Visual Studio 2015, the latest and greatest will work too. Optional: IIS on your… Read More »

GuidAPI attempt 2. Introduction.

Last time I tried this I just wanted to setup an API that issued Guids (it was a simple bit of code that would do something), and wanted to show how you would go about setting that up on Azure. Needless to say I didn’t get that far. This time, I’m going to take a… Read More »

New Podcasting Adventures

The Techfrontier Waffle is a podcast where a couple of friends talk about tech news, focus on some key topics (sometimes leading on to a tangential conversation about chocolate….) and gadget reviews. Listern to our first episode where we talk MSBuild 2017, Azure, AR/VR, Chocolate and Nintendo Switch.

Hyper-V (Windows 10) DHCP madness

I wanted to launch a couple of VMs on my test box with one server acting as a DHCP server to another on an “internal” defined network. Its taken me a couple of days to figure out why this was happening and I’ve installed Windows/Linux, turned firewalls on and off and messed with many Hyper-V… Read More »