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Win 8, Day 1 – Where’s everything gone…

Starting up Windows 8 for the first time was not so much a shock, as I’ve seen the user interface on the Xbox and friends phones. It was more of a departure though, than I was expecting. As a long term advanced user if Windows, you do expect certain things to be in certain places… Read More »

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Mac Desktop Icons and Drives

I can be a bit stuck in my ways. Making the transition from (old) Windows to Mac I still wanted to keep my most commonly used icons on the desktop (even though I have learned to use the dock too). I also like to keep them a certain size. It’s no good having them to… Read More »

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Restoring a MacBook to its former glory….

I’ve learnt some fairly painful lessons today on my Mac, thought I’d share them.. (1) Snow Leopard discs are tied to the model of Mac they are sold with (2) wiping a Macs hard disc doesn’t necessarily remove all vestiges of the previously installed OS. (3) scratched cd and dvd discs are %##}{#%%!!! The key… Read More »

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