Can I get my .NET Core 2.0 WebApp running on Google Cloud (free) in a night? Part 1

By | 10 June, 2019

Start of a new challenge. I’ve got some .NET code that runs as a web app and its already part of a Continuous Integration Pipeline that compiles and tests itself on a commit or a pull request. Can I get Azure DevOps connected to Google Cloud and use my containers built in monolith to microservice running…? Lets find out….

  1. I’m going to have to do this manually first to see what’ll need to be automated. First task, sign up for Google Clouds Free Trial.
  2. …I’m into the Google Console. Lets see if Azure DevOps has a connector.

…pants… code in my repo has only been part updated from .NET Core 2.1 to 2.2. I’d forgotten to update the docker files to use 2.2 images.

…2nd pants… Azure DevOps pipelines failing as certificates on my private repo had expired. I had to refollow the process here to get them updated. (If you want to see my pipeline it’s here)

so the answer to the initial question is no, but more down to my code base and coming back from a pipeline created ages ago.

Note for next time, looks like we’ll need to either spin up a VM and stick the google cloud tools on it (since at the time of writing, Azure DevOps doesn’t have direct integration with Google Cloud) or We’ll release out to a Kubernetes cluster defined in Google Cloud (which will require some wiring up too). Not impossible, just more than the two hours I had messing this evening….