Unattended silent install of Microsoft WSE 3.0 (MSI)

By | 2 March, 2012

I’ve been on a project where a number of prerequisites needed scripting and we’re provided in the MSI format.

This is the Microsoft Installer format. There are a number of switches you can use which can streamline an application install. Problem was that the way our installing system operates here, the execution environment runs as the BUILTIN\Administrator, but doesn’t load his profile so its taken some time to find the right combination of switches.

So here they are:

MSIEXEC.EXE /i Microsoft_WSE_3.0.msi ALLUSERS=1 /q/n /L*v WSE3InstallLog.txt

ALLUSERS=1 takes care of the lack of registry profile
/q is quiet install
/n is no user interface
/L*v WSE3install.log logs all messages to a logfile

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