iPhone to wifi iPad iMessaging….

By | 28 February, 2012

My son has been off school today and I lent him my iPad thinking I’ll be able to stay in touch with him using iMessage. Just to clarify, both my wifi iPad2 and my iPhone are registered to the same account.

First couple of messages got backwards and forwards, but after that silence. And when I got home I could see that he had messages me back but they hadn’t got through. So what was going on? Doing some testing I noticed that sending messages to my email contact usually ended up in a “not delivered” error and some would get through, but it’s not reliable enough.

Solution, assign the iPad a different email address. This doesn’t change the apple Id that it’s associated to so I can still buy apps and music on both devices. Here’s how:

IPad: go to Settings > Messages

The all important bit is the receive at section. Here input a valid but different email address than is registered to the phone, you’ll have to verify it by clicking on a link that apple send you and put in you’re apple Id.

Then delete the email address that is associated with your phone.

Once that’s done, update you’re contacts to include the new email address and voila!

I’ll be testing this tomorrow. Same trick for FaceTime too. (settings > FaceTime)

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