iPod Album Cover art not syncing….

By | 2 November, 2008

Should just be a quick one tonight. I recently had a major data loss incident on my laptop and hadn’t backed up my iTunes library, (still have all my mp3’s, just all the metadata had gone). I’d put all my music back in, sync’ed my iPod again and over the past few days had noticed that none of the songs had album art on any more.

Now all my mp3’s have the album art encapsulated inside them. First problem was that iTunes 8.0 couldn’t see all of the album art on these mp3s. To fix this I selected an mp3, right clicked on it and selected Get Info. Then iTunes could see the album art. Now thats all well and good for one track….but not for six and a half thousand songs.

So I used a utility called AutoIT which can write scripts to send specific key sequences to applications. Fortunately for me, the Get Info screen has a next button which I could use to whizz through the whole library.

Script is below:



Goto, myLoop

Simple script really. The !n is equivalent to Alt-N. So that sorts out iTunes what about the iPod? Connect the iPod, and in iTunes click on your iPod under the devices section. This should bring up the iPod Summary page. Now click on the music tab, and untick “Display album artwork on your iPod”. Click apply and then sync. You should then see the album artwork optimisation process begin….

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