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Raspberry Pi Adventures

Sunday, December 29th, 2013

downloadI gave my son a Raspberry PI this year for Christmas to see if he could make it do anything.

First a couple of notes. Sometimes the HDMI output can not be plugged into a DVI convertor on older monitors. I’ve so far connected it to four seperate screens (two fairly new TVs with HDMIs), one old monitor with DVI/VGA connectors and an older LCD TV with DVI/VGA connectors but no HDMI. The older monitor doesn’t seem to be able to cope without the output signal so just be careful there.

Messing about with Ubuntu 11.10 under VMware

Saturday, February 18th, 2012

I like to mess about with other OSes in my spare time and have recently downloaded the latest Ubuntu release. I’ve been a fan of Ubuntu since about v4, this time around they’ve changed the interface and I was a bit lost…

I use VMware Server 2 at home on my Windows 7 “server” as it seems to give me the most generic support for what I need. I can also move guests between my mac VMware fusion install and the server install relatively easily. Another post on that another day….

So standard guest setup, plugin the cd Iso and install the OS.

First things first, remote access, and get desktop sharing through VNC setup. It used to live in control panel, but due to the change in UI, the best way to find it is to hit the black ubuntu button and search for desktop. The desktop sharing app will come up.